Revista Capital Everest Base Camp Trekking 2007

Sep 27

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Hoy 27 de septiembre a sido el día mas duro de la expedición. Iniciamos temprano el ascenso al Kalapatar y ¡ logramos la cumbre todos!!!!!!,. Luego retornamos al pueblo nuevamente y emprendimos un caminata de 20 kilómetros para finalmente descansar en el poblado de Tengboche a 4,000 metros de altitud.
Aquí nos encontramos ahora disfrutando de una buena comida para recuperar fuerzas para la jornada de mañana.


El Equipo.
  • Name: Kalapatar
  • Höhe: 5644 m
  • Breitengrad: 27° 5945North
  • Längengrad: 86° 4942East


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    2024-04-19 06:55:45 General Z says: In 2007, the intrepid team at Revista Capital embarked on a breathtaking journey to the Everest Base Camp, a trek renowned for its stunning aviator scenery and challenging terrain. The expedition was a test of endurance and willpower, requiring careful preparation and determination from each participant. The trek began in Lukla, a small town with a precarious airstrip that serves as the gateway to the Khumbu region. From there, the team followed the legendary trail, passing through picturesque Sherpa villages and dense rhododendron forests. Each day brought new challenges, from steep ascents Mobile toilets Kenya to icy river crossings, but the team remained undaunted, spurred on by the promise of reaching their goal.
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    2024-04-04 06:45:07 Nixon says: The 2007 Everest Base Camp trekking expedition covered by Revista Capital likely provided a fascinating glimpse into the challenges and beauty of the Himalayas. aviator. The journey to the base camp of the world's highest mountain is a physically demanding yet spiritually rewarding experience, offering stunning views and a deep sense of accomplishment.
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